Dive Trip to Pulau Aur

These are some pics from my dive trip to Pulau Aur, a Malaysian Island, that I made 21-23 of May 1999. I did my PADI Advanced Open Water certification during this trip. Pulau Aur is located as far east of peninsula Malaysia as you can get and is not as exploited as other Mayalsian islands as for example Pulau Tioman. The resort is very small and fascilities limited, but the nature is great and so is the diving. Visibillity (under water of course) was somewhat poor due to the 'baby monsun', but we still saw turtles, cod fish, titan trigger fish, murena, a dead baby lemon shark and other fun things (like a twister which almost close enough to the boat for some really fun action...)

To keep load times down I've split this into three pages.

tPIC00010.jpg 3.0K
The little hut
we were staying

tPIC00005.jpg 2.2K
Night boat at Mersing
on the way to Pulau Aur

tPIC00006.jpg 2.3K
Tropical Scenes

tPIC00007.jpg 2.9K
The jetty

tPIC00008.jpg 2.0K

tPIC00001.jpg 2.7K
Michael and Marina
on the bus

tPIC00011.jpg 3.3K

tPIC00012.jpg 2.7K

tPIC00013.jpg 3.2K

tPIC00014.jpg 2.1K
Olle snorkeling

tPIC00015.jpg 2.3K
Jelly and Michael, who
weighes 3 times as much
as Jelly

tPIC00016.jpg 2.8K
Coconuts trees

tPIC00017.jpg 2.8K
crystal-clear water

tPIC00018.jpg 2.6K
little boat used to
transfer people

tPIC00019.jpg 3.1K
Olle down to
the transfer boat

tPIC00020.jpg 2.8K
beach seen from the boat

tPIC00021.jpg 3.9K
huts, the second one
from the top left
was ours

tPIC00022.jpg 2.8K
another white-sandy beach

tPIC00023.jpg 3.4K
diving buddies

tPIC00024.jpg 2.9K
Jelly on the boat

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