tPIC00025.jpg 2.5K

tPIC00026.jpg 1.9K
the sea

tPIC00027.jpg 2.7K
Mickel & Olle & unknown

tPIC00028.jpg 2.7K

tPIC00029.jpg 2.3K
shadows of waves1

tPIC00030.jpg 2.8K
up a mountain...

tPIC00031.jpg 3.5K
tropical fruits

tPIC00032.jpg 3.0K
mountain view

tPIC00033.jpg 3.3K
mountain view

tPIC00034.jpg 3.6K
mountain view

tPIC00035.jpg 2.4K
huge boulders

tPIC00036.jpg 3.2K
nice ledge to rest

tPIC00037.jpg 2.9K
pinnacle, just asking
to be climbed

tPIC00038.jpg 2.8K
oh, oh...

tPIC00039.jpg 3.6K
don't look down

tPIC00040.jpg 3.1K
pre-historic cave

tPIC00041.jpg 2.5K

tPIC00042.jpg 2.7K
shadows of waves 2

tPIC00043.jpg 2.2K
shadow of waves 3

tPIC00044.jpg 2.6K
little fish

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