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Darwin, Australia

I took the so called Golden Week May 1st to 5th 2006 off since trading is slow on the Asian exchanges during that time.

We went to Darwin in Australia to get a break from the big city life. We took a Tiger Airways flight which cost us 856 SGD for two people round trip. Considering fuel costs nowadays that's pretty good, but the flight times are so bad it is questionable if it's worth it.

Spent two days in Darwin exploring the town and getting some rest. Not too much of interest in Darwin even though the town has a rather pleasant small town feeling. The scene is mainly for hard drinking 20 something backpackers, but I think we're a little old to appreciate that.

We then went off on a three day tour of Kakadu national park with Wilderness 4WD Adventures. This operator is known for having more active trips with rugged camping and longer hiking. We managed to pack 11 people into a short body Toyota Landcruiser Troop Carrier. If you are tall like I am it is pretty rough to sit on those little side facing benches, something to consider if you ever want to book a similar trip.

We had three beautiful days in the bush. The wet season had just ended so many places were still off limits, but it also meant that it was very green and fresh and that the weather was very pleasant. The guide Nick did a good job showing us around the park and telling us about the nature and history of the place.

We rounded of the week with by renting our own car. We got a little Hyundai Getz from Advance Car Rentals. With the car we went down and explored Litchfield national park and Katherine Gorge, staying one night at the excellent All Seasons in Katherine where we had the best food on the whole trip. Since Katherine Gorge was closed for kayaking we went for a helicopter trip instead with Heli Muster.

All in all a good trip with beautiful nature, open space and a relaxed atmosphere. However, now that we are used to traveling in Asia we found the place very expensive and the food pretty average.