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In July 2009 I took a three week vacation back in Sweden. Vannessa stayed behind and kept up with her new obsession, tennis.

Spent quite a few days in the seaside town of Öregrund where I used to grow up in the summers. Still a very charming and beautiful place and I really like just walking the ocean front cliffs over to town for a coffee or a few beers in the bars around the harbour. Got a little fishing in as well but no catch this year...

After catching up with old friends in Stockholm, and a less than enjoyable visit to renew my visa with the US embassy, I went up to Rättvik in Dalecarlia. Spent a great day at the Classic Car Week where I saw more old American cars than I've ever seen in the US. Took some day trips around the scenic Siljan lake and the famous Dalhalla open air concert hall in an old lime stone quarry.

Sweden in summer sure is great!